Intergenerational war

Notice: The text on this website is a Japanese text translated into English by automatic machine translation. Because I’m not good at English. I’m sorry, but it may be a strange sentence.

I feel that the world is now in a situation like an intergenerational war on environmental issues. The next generation of people are harshly looking at the generation who did nothing by thinking about the immediate future.

One of my motivations when I came to shoot the scenes that supported my life was that I had to do work that would not be criticized by the next generation. However, the time has come to be criticized by the next generation.

Of course, to stop using fossil fuels without thinking about alternative energy and storage batteries, it is necessary to prepare to lower the standard of living until about 300 years ago, and it is also imagined that many people will die in the current population Therefore, I think that you should think about where you want to aim and where you want to compromise, not 0 or 1. However, it is certain that it is time to act concretely with a sense of crisis. I think.

I felt strongly during the Great East Japan Earthquake what I could do, which could only be taken. Now, I’ll try to get up a little before becoming an “old man who didn’t do anything”.